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Licorice hung in the opening as a door. It was simply the best thing the children had ever laid their eyes on. The weak voice did as he said to do and revealed an old hag in black rags. Her gray frayed hair stuck out from her pointed hat that hung slightly over her eyes. She had a candy cane in hand to help her hunched figure walk steadily out from behind the candy door. The witch felt her pointy hat.

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How wrongly I mislead myself. And I was so looking forward to finally having company for dinner. Just for dinner though!

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The witch cooked up a meal of yummy treats for Hansel and Gretel. As the children ate dinner their clothes began not hang so loosely and their bodies appeared less frail than before. The Witch watched with a gleam in her eye. The children were so caught up in eating that they did not notice the sinister intentions of that gleam. Thank you ever so much!

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Hansel contemplated to himself. Witch, why have you not eaten anything?

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How about some rest? You two seem to have had a trying time to be wandering the forest all alone without any parents. Well, our parents abandoned us in the forest. How dreadful. In , a ceramic bottle packed with about fifty bent copper alloy pins, some rusty nails, and a bit of wood or bone was discovered during an archaeological investigation by the Museum of London Archaeology Service. Kelly in Archaeology Ireland.

Sometimes the bottles were glass, but others were ceramic or had designs with human faces. A witch bottle might contain nail clippings, iron nails, hair, thorns, and other sharp materials, all selected to conjure a physical charm for protection. Akin to witch marks, which were carved or burned onto windows, doors, fireplaces, and other entrances to homes in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, witch bottles were embedded in buildings across the British Isles and later the United States at these same entry points.

Fennell explains in the International Journal of Historical Archaeology. And much like witch marks, which tended to proliferate in times of political turmoil or bad harvest, the rather unpleasant ingredients in witch bottles reflected real threats to seventeenth-century people even as they were concocted for supernatural purposes.

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Becker notes in Archaeology. Like other counter-magical devices, the bottled spells eventually faded out of popular folk practice, but not before immigrants to North America brought over the practice.

Chris Manning in Historical Archaeology. Researchers with the Museum of London Archaeology and the University of Hertfordshire are now hoping to identify more.

Through this project, they aim to better understand how these curious bottles spread as a popular practice, and how they convey ideas around medicine and beliefs. Most importantly, they advise, leave the stopper in. Let the experts deal with these containers of centuries-old urine and nail clippings.

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