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The Mondello beach is the beach of the inhabitants of Palermo. In order to combine these two short sentences, we use a relative pronoun to connect the clauses. Caption 38, L'Italia a tavola - Interrogazione sulle Marche. Caption 17, In giro per l'Italia - Firenze - Part 5. It basically means "to give. As we see, it doesn't mean "to give" in this case. It means something like "come on. Mi dispiace, Massimo, ma dobbiamo rimandare il pranzo. Va beh, dai , se devi andare I'm sorry, Massimo, but we have to postpone our lunch. OK, then , if you have to go She feigns skepticism.

E se per caso il bersaglio non fosse stata la Martini, ma fossi stata tu?

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Ma dai! And if by chance the target hadn't been Martini, but had been you? Yeah, right! And there isn't just one Italian verb that is used, so it may be practical to learn some of these expressions one by one. It's hard to come up with a generic translation, as it depends on the other words in the expression, but here are two different ones from Yabla videos.

Secondo me, se la trovi, te la dai a gambe. It's that it's very difficult to find the right woman.


In my opinion, if you find her, you'll high-tail it out of there. Captions , La Ladra Ep. In fact, addressing someone with a particular role often means using their title or guessing at it. Caption 61, Adriano Olivetti - La forza di un sogno Ep.

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Dalmasso is just an executive in a company, not necessarily a doctor even in terms we go on to describe below , but he is one of the most important people there. Many people follow the reasoning that it's better to be too respectful than not respectful enough. In the following example, Giacomo could be a physician or someone's boss.

We would need context to determine this. Che succede? What's going on?

Her position of importance gives her the title, more than any degree she might or might not have. Caption 24, L'oro di Scampia - film - Part We might liken this to the use of "Esquire," or "Esq. Caption 50, La Ladra - Ep. It has nothing to do with being a medical doctor. And so in the film about Olivetti, that's how many people address him. It so happens that he did, indeed, have a degree in engineering.

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Caption 46, Adriano Olivetti - La forza di un sogno Ep. Finding a suitable translation for these titles can be tough.

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Sometimes there's no good alternative, so we use a word we feel can fill the bill, even if it isn't a word-for-word translation. This week, Daniela concludes her lessons on the comparative and the superlative. As we have seen , the comparative and superlative work a bit differently than in English. Even though we don't use these terms in English, they are fairly self-explanatory. This is tricky in any language, and Italian is no exception.

There is no comparison with anything; it's absolute. As she explains Either you've got it or you don't. In English you have talent or you don't have it. But in Italian, there is a special word for each end of the scale. Talk about something not translating smoothly into English! It offers a great excuse when you want to get out of doing something you don't like to do.

Fallo tu. You do it. Caption 22, Adriano Olivetti - La forza di un sogno Ep.

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But Doctor don't you have anything to say? Captions , Psicovip Il ballo - Ep In this particular case, one person is talking to a few people, so he uses the imperative plural, which happens to be the same as the indicative in the second person plural. Caption 62, Adriano Olivetti - La forza di un sogno Ep. Let's take the phrase apart. But in Italian, it sounds just right.

You'll get used to it the more you say and hear it. There are lots of examples with all kinds of verbs. Puntata 3 - Part 1. In this case, all those little words get combined into one word. We've been organizing this trip for a year. Caption 32, Ma che ci faccio qui! But we can conjugate it, too. Noi non potremmo mai mandare avanti la fabbrica da soli, lo sai bene. Adriano, pensaci. We could never run the factory on our own. You know that well. Adriano, think about it. Captions , Adriano Olivetti - La forza di un sogno Ep. I'll take care of it! She'll take care of it. When you want someone else to do something, it's a very common way of asking.

Here are some examples to think about. I'm going to bed! We've talked recently about comparatives of equality , and so it makes sense to talk about yet another kind of comparative. Captions , Corso di italiano con Daniela - Superlativo assoluto - Part 2. There are certain adjectives we use quite frequently in this form to express an absolute superlative. There, in those, in the middle of those canes, there are two nice pheasants with a really nice big male.

Captions , Andromeda - e i gatti 2 - Part 1. Se si vince, si prende il primo premio. Un carro armato vero, nuovo nuovo. If we win, we'll get the first prize. Will you tell me what the prize is? A real tank, brand new.

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There are lots of others, and you will, little by little, start noticing them as you listen to spoken Italian, where they occur most frequently. It's fun and easy. For most adjectives and adverbs in Italian, there is no specific comparative form. But things get tricky when we compare things that are equal. Sito web. PEC sonia. Ebooks

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