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Mock News Conference Have students take turns at the podium speaking on an assigned topic. As the teacher I always go first to the podium to best model the format of the activity. I also have the students identify the worst possible lighting and depth of field locations as well. Students conduct mock interviews with each other using rule of thirds framing. They return and drop their clips in order of best to worst quality on their timeline.

These are not all my activities, but ideas and lessons that I have discovered and used throughout my years. They have been extremely successful in creating great badminton games by the end of the unit. I believe in these lessons, because they are all games and activities that are highly inclusive, encourage skill and tactic development, and focus on many touches for skills competence. Competence leads to confidence, with leads to motivation and participation. This is exactly what physical educators are looking for out of their students and exactly what student need to have a fun time in your class.

Check them out and let me know what you think! Goal - Score more points than your opponent by hitting long and short serves in your opponent's receiving court Game: Receiver decides to start at the short serve line or the endline Server attempts to hit a long or a short serve depending on where the receiver is positioned Server gets a point if the receiver can not catch the birdie, and the birdie lands in Receiver stops the server from earning a point if they catch the birdie before it lands How you do you hit a short serve and a long serve differently?

Goal - Be aware of what spaces can be used on the other side of the net. Game Players alternate service any type 1 point if the shuttle hits the floor Players can score on every serve What type of shots can you hit when you see open space on your opponent's court? Where do you stand or move to after you hit the birdie to your opponent?

Mix the Game Up Using the Drop Shot | Tennis Lesson | Sportplan

Describe a successful shot that you saw or used to score a point. Great way to get warmed up while students are changing Challenge students to use different types of shots Challenge students to use shots that will make their opponent move Challenge students to return to the middle of the court after each shot Practice the underhand serve. Questions: How do you score a point in badminton? What can you do to score in badminton? I don't think it made this video, Bob, but I highly recommend the continental grip. Hey Ian, great instructional video on the drop shot. A shot not used too often in rec tennis.

And the times that are used in rec adult tennis, the shot may lead to some impolite remarks from older opponents. Nonetheless, it's an effective shot to have and to know when to use it during a match. That's actually a really interesting comment, Derek, and you're absolutely right. It's not used often by many people but when it is nothing is hated more, haha. Great shot to have!

Mix the Game Up Using the Drop Shot

Hey, that was an excellent lesson. I hope to come to one of your in-person training lessons soon! Kudos to Mark- he's got that drop shot thing figured out. I'd love to work with you in person some day, Craig! I actually texted him while putting this video together to give him a hard time. Not his strongest shot, but he still did an awesome job. Ian, awesome lesson! Loosening the grip was something that never occurred to me. I wonder if that would make a difference in normal groundstrokes and volleys as well.

I have a question, how do pros usually recover after hitting a not-so-good drop and realizing their opponent can run it down? Can't wait for the next video! Thanks a lot! Whether or not it will make a difference depends on exactly what shot we're talking about and how tight your grip is currently, Kart. If you're currently pretty tense and attempting a soft angle volley and loosening up will make a HUGE difference in your results.

If we're talking about an aggressive forehand drive and you're already pretty loose then there might not be a whole lot to be gained.

Badminton Lesson # 8 - Slice Drop Shot

You could attempt to spook them by charing into the net but if it's really sitting up for them and it's an easy shot then your best bet will most likely be to back up and be ready to play defense. Having said that, watch out for a drop shot reply! Being able to have precise touch AND spinning it a ton would be awesome.

However, the chances of them both lining up are slim to none for most players. Ian, First, Hope you enjoyed your Fathers Day! Lots of fun to do, and drives your opponents crazy. Wish I had seen this video before the weekend!

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My partner and I played in a clay court tourny only the third time I've ever been on clay and clearly you need touch shots like the drop shot on clay. I look forward to the next video on the backhand slice, another one which should translate well onto clay. Think you for all. Ian — Great timing for me… this is one of the shots i need to master to play with the top seniors! You're welcome, George. Absolutely, as your opponents enjoy running down shots less and less the dropper can be a huge asset out there.

Thank you so much for watching today's video!

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What do you do when someone hits them to you? Besides flail away that is. Ian Westermann June 21, at am - Reply.

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    Thanks so much for watching and for the feedback, Colin! Brian June 19, at am - Reply. Ian Westermann June 19, at am - Reply. Carol S June 19, at am - Reply. How do you practice your drop shot if you do not have a partner? Can you use a handball wall? Nathan June 18, at pm - Reply. Hi Ian, Thank you for your great video, I especially found your advice helpful with disgusing the dropshot if you have a two handed backhand dropshot.

    Best wishes Nathan. Ian Westermann June 18, at pm - Reply.