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Complications ensue when American surveyor Dan Courtney discovers Prolific pulp-fiction author Hubbard — offers a variation on a familiar romantic theme with this fast-paced if derivative thriller set in pre-WWII Europe. Blacky Lee, an American weapons dealer, just happens to be the spitting image Fans of purple pulp prose will welcome this Hubbard novella, which first appeared in the November issue of Popular Detective magazine.

The lurid opening sentence sets the tone: "Rising to a crescendo of stark horror, a scream of death hacked Previous recipient of the award, K.

Wentworth The Course of Empire, Stars Over Stars returns to edit this top-notch anthology of this year's winners in the contest's 25th year. The collection offers a dozen strong stories that range The murder of James England, the owner of the radio station in Ketchikan, Alaska, presents a challenge for FBI agent Bill Norton, who's been assigned to break up a heroin ring in that small town in this Hubbard novella from the golden age of Galaxy, unabridged, 17 CDs, 19 hrs. Strong production values and a talented cast of 85 bring to life the audio edition of the first volume of Hubbard's Mission Earth series.

The author's introduction, read in a deep, welcoming voice by Stefan Rudnicki, informs the listener in great The comic nightmare continues in book six of Hubbard's volume broadside, Mission Earth. Our Dudley Do-Right hero, Jettero Heller, is having trouble starting his Everglades launching pad for the spores that will clean up atmospheric pollution. Ron Hubbard, Author , read by R. Audio reviews reflect PW's assessment of the audio adaptation of a book and should be quoted only in reference to the audio version.

Ron Hubbard, read by R.

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Daley, Denice Duff, Jim Meskimen, First published in in Thrilling Detective magazine, Hubbard's rollicking horror yarn just happens to tap into the current craze for zombies. Heroic Det. Terrence ""Terry"" Lane looks into a deeply disturbing series of murders of Some may wonder who the intended audience is for these two undistinguished pulp-era action novellas from Hubbard The title story concerns the travails of a mining engineer who risks his life in pursuit of gold and finds himself trapped Hubbard fans will welcome this collection of three Golden Age adventure tales: the over-the-top ""Yukon Madness,"" the grim revenge drama ""The Cossack,"" and the macho smackdown ""The Small Boss of Nunaloha.

The four crime stories in this collection hark back to a time when the gangster's greatest enemy was an everyman with a righteous chip on his shoulder, and when pulpsmiths like Hubbard The Phantom Patrol reveled in writing up their dust-ups in Daley, Performed by , read by a full cast.

A spree of inexplicable murders baffles Det. Terry Lane—until he stumbles upon proof that the victims were killed by their former servants-turned-zombies who have been brought back to life with the purpose of killing their employers.


As Lane Ron Hubbard, Author, R. Daley, Performed by, Jim Meskimen, Performed by , read by a full cast. Spurred by the chance of treasure, Capt. Humbert Reynolds sets out into the Gobi Desert to find gold only to encounter impossible obstacles, not the least of which are treacherous Mongolians and a cult living at the gold's epicenter.

Like much Winning the Writers of the Future contest may be less prestigious than nabbing a Hugo or Nebula, but to the hundreds of authors who have won or placed, it provided an undeniable boost to their budding careers.

Library Journal Announces L. Ron Hubbard’s “Hell’s Legionnaire” as Best Audio for 2012

Now, a quarter-century in, the annual Phil Sheridan unwittingly tests the adage that the enemy of my enemy is my friend when he arrives on the Indonesian island of Kamling and is quickly drawn into the feud between a devious slave trader and a gold miner.

Phil sides with the miner,. Death-defying aerial feats, prophetic dreams, and common thugs come together in this pulp tale by Hubbard.

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Cal Bradley meets with a series of self-destructing airplanes as he competes to win in the National Air Meet, which could gain him fame and Ron Hubbard, read by full cast. Galaxy Press, unabridged, two CDs, 2 hrs. Tim Beckdolt becomes prey for a sadistic hunter, Bonnet, and his towering sidekick, Sven, who have stolen Beckdolt's hard-earned gold.

They are armed with guns, while Beckdolt only has a knife and no food in the desert. But besides survival, The 28th installment of this venerable anthology series collects the 13 winners of the Writers of the Future contest for , drawing from the ranks of new authors and artists. Many of the contributors have already seen other success in the field, Ron Hubbard, read by Josh Clark and a full cast. Galaxy Press, unabridged, 44 CDs, In C. For more than 15 years, Hubbard's anthology series has collected the winning SF and fantasy entries from the annual Writers of the Future contest.

Of the 12 stories in the newest crop, few are on par with the works of Isaac Asimov or Robert The best speculative fiction reaches beyond the bells and whistles of the genre to explore the deeper complexities of the human condition. The original stories selected in this year's "Writers of the Future" contest include strong This latest collection of thirteen science-fiction and fantasy stories from novice authors upholds the high standards set by previous volumes in the series. The 19th installment in Hubbard's annual contest series contains more top-notch stories than last year's volume and is likely to satisfy science fiction and fantasy aficionados looking for fresh ideas and new twists on old conventions.

Galaxy Audio is bringing L. Ron Hubbard's magazine stories and novellas from the s and '40s to audio with a full cast, music and sound effects. More than 80 Hubbard audios are scheduled for release over the next few years. The Great Hubbard's fantasy tale centers on a circus dwarf named Little Tom Little who becomes obsessed with the idea of swapping bodies with the circus's larger-than-life chief. This fantastic production features a large supporting cast of This classic Hubbard tale takes listeners to pre-Communist China where a man named Kurt Reid has fled murder charges only to find himself thrust into the exotic world of foreign espionage.

This multicast performance brings an air of the old Ron Hubbard, Author, Ron L. Ron Hubbard, Author, Kevin J. An original story by Hubbard Battlefield Earth , who's deceased, has been expanded into a novel by Anderson several X-Files novels , with mixed results. The original story, according to Sherman's foreword, is based on Hubbard's involvement in U. This layered tale takes listeners to Ketchikan, Alaska, where FBI agent Bill Norton finds himself in the middle of a heated investigation involving a group of heroin smugglers.

The recording production is the highest quality, filled with realistic Hubbard's tale, originally published in a pulp magazine in , takes listeners to the war-torn Chinese city of Shunkien, where the Japanese have launched an assault of epic proportions. The lone building left standing among the piles of Equal parts adventure and action, Hubbard's novella tells the tale of Tom Christian, a man trying to reclaim his treasure on the Solomon Islands.

Though he makes friends with the coastal inhabitants, those further inland are known for their vicious A farmer at the nexus of time and space, a woman granted youth again by powerful beings, and a man marooned on a small boat for days are the premises for the three fantastical tales by Hubbard. Not in Worldwide? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. American Ann Halliday is as fiery as the Sahara sun.

The only problem is Dusty himself is wanted for murder. Can Ann and Dusty team up and turn evil on its head? Mike Bond Bound.

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Mike Bond. Beasts of No Nation. Uzodinma Iweala. The Doomed Oasis. Hammond Innes. Death of Civilization: the Barbarians. Nathan Hale. Rambo III. David Morrell. Shahada Sharelle Haqq.

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Death in the Silent Places. Peter Hathaway Capstick. Louis L'Amour.

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Simpson's Donkey. Peter Stanley. Geier Vol. Chester S. Heart of Oak. David Cook.