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Nine weeks in Greece is a dream itinerary it certainly gives you lots of flexibility. As you seem to have Athens and the Peloponnese sorted, you just need to sort out your five weeks on the islands. Here are the main groups. These groups are generally better connected among themselves than with other groups, so you are probably better advised to target them on this basis. Dip down to Santorini, up to Mykonos and back to Piraeus. The map will also show plenty of other Cyclades islands to pick and choose from such as Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Amorgos, Syros, Tinos and Andros — yes!

Realistically for a period of five weeks you will not want to be doing more than islands. Of the above groups the Dodecanese probably constitute the best opportunity to mix islands between groups. You could, for example, take the Blue Star Ferries and map an island-hopping route that essentially heads in the same direction. Hellenic Seaways is another major ferry company whose routes you may want to explore. The other groups are best tackled individually. For example, the Ionians have no ferry connections to the rest of the Greek islands; the same story with the Sporades and the Argo-Saronics.

The NE Aegean islands do have a link to the Dodecanese and the Cyclades but are probably best left for another trip once you have got the feel of the rhythm of the Greek islands. Crete is a destination unto itself but is commonly linked with Santorini and Mykonos and with daily catamarans between Crete and these islands it is easy to see why. Crete feels less like an island than anywhere else and can seem and feel daunting at first touch because of its size. To sum up: a lot depends on your own stamina because island hopping means packing and unpacking, getting on and off buses and ferries.

Limit your choice of islands to perhaps one or two less than you think you can manage. Maximise transport links to avoid backtracking or port-transferring and since you are traveling high season be aware that you will usually need bookings ahead at most places. It is possible to turn up on an island and not find a place to stay or have to make do with a third-rate option. As a starter to explore ferry services, go to the Ferryhopper. Note: air travel between islands is not generally good.

Air travel is normally only feasible between Athens or other mainland destinations and the island in question. Book your next stop online and go there. Repeat the exercise. No hassles about being locked into a fixed itinerary and if you like a place, you stay longer.

22 best Greek islands

If not, you move on. You will generally find transport tickets for a day or three ahead and hotel owners often know someone on the next island who can fit you in. In Paros, Petres Hotel is a good starting point. Good luck and happy sailing! Love your website! So informative. My boyfriend and I will be traveling to Greece on August th. We have 10 days. Is this a feasible itinerary for a couple in their early 30s who want beach, relaxation, good food, boating, and some history?

Fly into Athens have one full day there then fly to Naxos for a day and a half, Milos for 3 nights, then Santorini for 3 nights, then back to Athens for our flight? We chose Milos over Naxos at first, but after reading your blog it seems the beaches in Naxos may be better? Naxos has better beaches, Milos has a more stunning and unique beauty.

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Any help on things that are interesting for that age group would be terrific. Vist Knossos near Heraklion and a get a tour guide. Do a boat tour and walk the caldera path in Santorini. Do the cooking class in Mykonos.

Andros (Ándhros)

Visit the Acropolis in Athens and get a tour guide. Those would be my top recommendations. We are wanting to hit 3 islands and have narrowed it down to Corfu, Crete, and Santorini.

1. The Spectacular Scenery of Santorini Island

I was thinking it would be more unique as compared to the other 2 with its proximity to Italy and Turkey and Albania. Am I missing something, do you have any insight you could provide, please? Those are 3 great islands. We are planning our honeymoon in Greece. We can probably take up to two weeks. One of the places we want to go is Santorini. We would like to visit one or maybe two other places if possible. Which of these would you recommend with Santorini if we were thinking of visiting 2 or 3 places total? Also, with the time we have, how many days would be best in Santorini and the other places I mentioned above?

Athens 1 to 2 full days is great for historical sightseeing. Mykonos for beaches and nightlife 2 to 4 days. Crete for historical sightseeing, greek culture and towns, some beaches but spread out 4 to 7 days. Santorini has great sightseeing, tours, and some history 4 to 7 days. If visiting outside of June to September then drop Mykonos and do the other 3 for sure.

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We are traveling to Greece in early June for two weeks. We are booked for 2 nights in Athens and 2 nights in Santorini. I am trying to decide between going to Crete for a few days or Naxos and Milos rather than Crete. We have three kids ages 19, 12 and Which do you think would be funner for us as a family? Is this order of islands doable? Are ferries routinely available daily in September?

Also, for all these islands would three full days each be too much or not enough? Or a small tweak: 2 days in Milos and then 4 days in Santorini splitting time between 2 of the 4 caldera towns or even 4 days in Paros splitting time between Naousa and Parikia.

List of islands of Greece

My fiancee and I are heading to Greece in July. This time we plan on being there July 1 to Any recommendations for other islands?

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Any particular ferry routes we should consider? We can be lively or very chilled. Thanks and best wishes! For beaches: Sifnos quiet island, an easy stop between Athens and Milos or Ikaria quieter still, but a little more effort to get to. For lively: Ios great nightlife and magical beaches, good restaurants too.

The 5 Best Greek Islands – Updated for

For hikes: Folegandros many paths around the island, great local food. This is a great resource! I am planning our honeymoon for August We have about 2 weeks. We are thinking of flying into Athens, exploring for a full day, then flying to Santorini for 2 or 3 days, then ferry to Milos and spend maybe 10 days there. My husband likes to stay in one place, but I like exploring. Alternatively, we could stay in Santorini for longer but move to a cheaper hotel.

Perhaps Santorini 6 nights and Milos 6 nights?

We love beautiful natural sights, charming Greek towns, the water, swimming, hiking, and biking. I love exploring and figs, husband would love to see ruins and explore history. I need to finalize plans for a mid-June trip, looking to stay nights. Traveling with my wife and two sons 24 and Definitely want to go to Santorini, Mykonos and Athens.

Was considering 3 nights at each, but after reading on your site, I am thinking about stealing a night from Athens and spending 2 nights at Naxos.