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Dogs with chronic epilepsy and add-on treatment Prior to presentation, seizure frequency ranged from with ELB eight seizures per month to one seizure every eight Prior to ELB add-on treatment seizure frequency months median 1. During monotherapy with ranged from eight seizures per month to four seizures ELB seizure frequency per month varied from com- every six months median 1.

During ELB treat- plete control of seizures to nine seizure events per month ment seizure frequency per month ranged from no sei- median 0. In 10 of reduction was observed. In these nine responders the these 17 dogs a seizure reduction was observed.

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In these median seizure frequency per month was 1. The mean of the percentage This reduction in seizure frequency in of seizure reduction in responders was After three months of combined ther- of nine months, and according to the owner remained apy with ELB the animal was euthanased because of seizure free for 51 months.

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This dog was treated with acute leukaemia. Nine decrease in seizure frequency or an increase in seizure patients in this group either died or were euthanased in frequency during treatment.

Another dog died after coumarin ELB and with a measured plasma concentration intoxication. In these dogs, the treatment observation of One dog period was reduced to 2—8 months. Seizure frequency per 3.

Dogs with chronic epilepsy and add-on treatment month during therapy with phenobarbital ranged from with potassium bromide free of seizures to 10 seizure events median 0. Sei- tion was observed. The median seizure frequency per zures occurred with a frequency from 13 per month to month in these 32 responders was 1. The median 1. The median seizure responders was Ten dogs zure reduction in responders was During primidone treat- two add-on treatment schedules, i. In these 19 responders the median seizure fre- 3.

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Duration of seizure activity quency per month was 2. The mean value of the seizure duration in most patients before treatment was percentage of seizure reduction in responders was Ten dogs of this group with phenobarbital was not decreased Table 5. Before the presentation 40 dogs ictus time was observed as in ELB treated dogs had generalised seizures, which progressed in ten cases Table 5. In the twelve dogs treated with potas- the owner. In 10 dogs treated with primidone the owner reported Before presentation a postictal phase with behav- subjectively a decrease of seizure severity. Before treat- ioural changes had been observed in all 29 dogs treated ment 25 dogs had generalised seizures, which expanded with ELB and ranged between 10 min and 48 h.

During primidone application in two dogs focal ing treatment. During phenobarbital application the seizures were observed instead of generalised seizures. Prior to the combination therapy all 3. Severity of seizure activity twelve dogs had generalised seizures which progressed into status epilepticus in six dogs and into clusters in se- Seizure severity was subjectively evaluated by the ven dogs. After supplementation with potassium bro- owners and a change of seizure type was noted. In one dog the owner of dogs treated with ELB alone. Prior to presenta- noticed an increase of seizure severity.

During ELB treatment two 3. Plasma concentrations of ELB dogs only showed focal seizures.

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Of the dogs with cluster seizures, one dog never got clusters after treatment; the To monitor treatment compliance ELB plasma other four dogs had a reduced seizure number per clus- concentration was measured three weeks after the ter mean Before onset of ELB treatment all 17 dogs and In three in one dog.

Plasma concentrations at this time point dogs clusters did not occur anymore and the number of 12 h after application ranged in all twelve dogs between seizures per cluster decreased in additional four cases be- 5. ELB monotherapy.

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The and high levels of phenobarbital serum concentrations plasma concentrations are given as median values and standard There was no correlation between neurological examinations remained normal. One dog plasma concentration and seizure frequency Fig. Another dog received penicillin— deviation Removing this additional medication resulted in Plasma concentration after 12 h of application ranged sudden improvement. No abnormalities were found in between 7. Further control examinations were also per- serum chemistry in dogs with ELB monotherapy.

The plasma In dogs with add on treatment of ELB, blood concentrations varied between However, the beginning of the study. Discussion tended studies. The results of this pilot study treatment i. Data obtained from dogs treated with ELB were In dogs with chronic epilepsy and add-on therapy compared to results from dogs with conventional anti- with either ELB or potassium bromide, supplemen- epileptic medication.

Dogs improved to a similar degree in ical examination, no abnormalities in special examina- both groups. In dogs with chronic epilepsy the phenobar- in both groups before and during treatment. As ex- bital serum concentrations had to be in the therapeutic pected, the percentage of non-responders was higher range. To get a broad range of epileptic dogs, animals than in dogs with newly diagnosed epilepsy.

During ELB medication, the ictus dogs Podell et al. This principally to ensure owner compliance during the study.

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However, the postictal phase was shortened The same variability in plasma concentrations also oc- in all groups examined. Plasma concentration did zure events was reduced during ELB treatment. The physiopathology of epileptic seizures. Handbook of Physiology, Sect. In memory of W. Epilepsia Boston 2 , — Gibbs , E.

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Fleming and F. Gibbs : Diagnosis and prognosis of hypsarhythmia and infantile spasms. Pediatrics 13 , 66 Gibbs : Atlas of electroencephalography. Reading Mass. Gibbs , F. Gibbs , and W. Lennox : Electroencephalographic classification of epileptic patients and control subjects. Gloor , P.

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