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Source: amazon. Belafonte recorded it for his album, Calypso. Jamaica in the s.

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Source: picclick. In the fifties, the image that people often had about Jamaicans was that they were lazy, rum-sipping, bums.

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Here, he showed workers toiling away all night, earning low wages, on banana plantations that were owned by rich landlords. Source: allmusic. For a brief time, calypso music was more popular than pop music and nearly every major singer released a calypso-inspired tune. But Belafonte had something none of the other singers had…a true, authentic Jamaican heritage.

Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)

Source: cbsnews. The Calypso Craze proved to be a flash in the pan but Belafonte was able to stay at the top of his career by diversifying his music.

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Later in his career, he did return to his Jamaican roots and released more island-inspired music, but he never allowed himself to be pigeon-holed into one musical genre. Toggle navigation. History Daily.

Ähnliche Songtexte

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The Folk Power of Jamaican Dancehall Signs

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