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After losing his bath toy, though, George needs to find it and will not take another bath until he does. This is not good because he is dirty and is tracking dirt everywhere he goes. So, he goes to the grocery store and, without the owner's knowledge, helps shoppers and improves the business. When the owner notices he awards George Employee of the Month and pays him, which makes the Man proud. Professor Wiseman tells him that the skeleton was dug up over time from different bones, which were later assembled together.

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George decides to find a skeleton of his own and digs a hole where he finds a bone. He then tries to figure out what kind of animal the bone came from. The only problem is that Charkie keeps stealing his bone! George has a measurement tool of sort on him-a whip of licorice. George has to grow the length of one licorice whip in a day so he can be tall enough to ride.

Meanwhile, The Man with the Yellow Hat has a problem of his own. He wants to overcome his fear of roller coasters. But sometimes he wishes he could live in something else, like a country castle. When The Man offers to take him to the beach to build sand castles, George decides to try to build the world's biggest sand castle.

At the beach, they run into Bill and Mother Rabbit who loves to burrow. George has trouble building his sand castle because the sand does not want to hold together. Later, Bill tells him that only the wet sand down by the water is good for building.

I Am the Ice Worm

George tries building by the water but his sand winds up being washed away by the tide. Later, The Man tells George how to get good wet sand away from the water and he along with George, Bill, and Ma Rabbit work on the world's biggest sand castle. So, he decides that he will live his life like Compass the Pigeon, but George soon finds out that the differences between monkeys and pigeons are too great for them to act like one another.

So, George decides to act like a creature more like him. Acting like Gnocchi, the cat doesn't work for him because he can't lick himself clean with getting a furry mouth. Then George finally decides, he would like to be just like Hundley because it looks easy being a lobby dog. But after he, Hundley and the Doorman wind up trapped in the elevator, George discovers that when it comes to being a monkey, things come to him naturally. But The Man tells George about a similar experience with a turtle from back when George first learned how to dive in the lake.

George remembers how Bill had first taught him how to dive in Lake Wanasinklake to locate a lost throwing disc.

George finds a turtle trying to go into the lake and tries to remind it that it needs to hold its breath when it goes in. After it does not listen, George decides that is trying to clean itself, so he takes it home to give it a bath and decides to keep it as a pet.

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But it seems like whatever George does, he can't get the turtle out of its shell. Winter" : It is early winter in the country and George wants to play outside. But the problem is he has toys for summer and snow but no toys for just plain cold. He decides he will have fun by playing with Bill's bunnies but Bill is taking them to his grandmother's house for the entire winter. Bill wants him to leave out nuts and seeds for Jumpy Squirrel all winter and George wants to find a way to have fun in the winter cold.

Later, after he sees how the water in his pool is frozen, he finds a way to have fun outdoors AND give Jumpy the food he needs. After trying to scare it away he winds up getting sprayed with a stinky fluid. The Man tells George that the animal he met was a skunk and that they spray to defend themselves. Bill finds the skunk to be living under his front porch and seals up its home.

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That leaves the skunk to nestle in the basket George and the Man brought to the country and they wind up accidentally bringing it home to the city. He has to take care of Professor Wiseman's new kitten, Lucky for a day. Lucky appears to have a crush on Hundley, which is unfortunate because Hundley is allergic to cats. When the Doorman tells George to keep Lucky away, he decides to build a version of Hundley which will not make Lucky sneeze.

When things do not work out, George decides to use something of Hundley's, making him mad. When Lucky hears Hundley barking through the air vent, she goes inside the walls of the apartment to try to find him. The hat is cleaned and restored like new and the Man puts it on the kitchen counter right next to an identical looking box of trash.

In a rush, George accidentally throws out the box with the hat and must go on a city-wide spree to find it. Unfortunately it seems like every trash can and dumpster in the city George finds has already been emptied by the garbage truck. George finds some disposed items at Pisghetti's restaurant but Chef Pisghetti tells him that it is not trash, it is recycling. He tells George to go look for the hat in the landfill. When he sees The Man polishing his bowling shoes because they make it extra lucky, George decides to polish his bowling ball too.

After George polishes the ball he decides to give it a test roll. However, the yard is bumpy and the driveway is a hill so he just cannot get the ball to roll straight. That is until he keeps the ball so long that The Man forgets it and George sees the road from the country house to the Bowling Alley is like a big bowling lane with gutters.

Aunt Margret tells George to stay outside and play with Charkie and asks him to put his blindfold on and follow her around the backyard with his other senses. Charkie soon escapes the backyard and a blind George begins to follow her around the city in a way other than seeing her. Steve tells George that he collects all of the posters which makes George want a collection of his own of sorts. When he sees a guy taking down a sign, he decides to collect various signs from around the city.

So he goes around the city taking every sign from the park, zoo, and science museum. When he goes back out to look for more, he notices the park in chaos. Realizing that it is because the signs are gone, he decides to put them back. George puts back all of the signs but does not put them in their original places causing more chaos. The Man then tells George that each sign has a meaning and they are not just for decoration. The Man keeps reminding him that when you count, you don't count from where you start and you must count on.

Meanwhile, Chef Pisghetti has gone off for a special presentation but has forgotten his pie. So Netti assigns George to deliver it to him, giving him specific directions how to get to him. Unfortunately, George forgets what The Man tells him and gets lost, getting off on bus stop earlier than when he was supposed to and not being able to find the building where the chef is located.

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The only problem is that when George crams everything into his closet, it just spills back out. Later on at the local supermarket, he sees the grocer's son practicing for a grocery bagging competition. He explains to George that a lot of stuff can fit into one small bag if it is put in just right, somewhat like putting together a puzzle.

However, during another practice run, the grocer's son accidentally hurts his hand with one of the food items. He then enlists George to compete for him in the competition and must train him to bag properly. When they decide to investigate why, they show George and The Man their rooftop garden, where they plant and grow all of their vegetables, on the roof of their restaurant's building.

Chef Pisghetti discovers weeds growing in the garden and explains to George how they use of all of the nutrients in the soil so there is none left for their vegetables. But in the process he pulls everything green out of the garden and throws it away, including the vegetables. Luckily the chef has seeds, but George has the fully-grown vegetables at home and is willing to bury them. But then he notices that it has lost its family, so he looks and finds it. Along the way he meets more nocturnal animals and makes almost everyone in the country think he is "The Lake Creature of Lake Wannasink Lake".

But when that causes him to miss a blimp ride, he thinks otherwise. That is until George realizes the man is showing the same symptoms as Betsy's friend's pregnant cat. But when George loses his golf ball, he has to pry open windows, move bookcases, and work a drawbridge to get it back. Renkins is going with his pig, Oscar to a contest and has nobody to watch the farm in his absence.

But after George accidentally deactivates the Man's alarm clock, he has to take care of the farm himself and he learns just how hard farm work really is. He winds up digging a hole so deep, he needs the help of Mr. Quint and his brother Flint's ladder to dig it out. But, after the 3 go to the train station with the ladder to fix something, George drops their hard hats down the hole. But when Bill's bunnies have escaped, he may have to give up his perfect carrot to help them.

So, he tries alternatives like a mudman and a sandman. Renkins has a bunch of old stuff in his living room and it is too big and heavy for George to move on his own so he decides to launch it outside by using a lever.

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But to keep George clean for a magazine picture, he insists George stay behind at Chef Pisghetti's Restaurant and color eggs. But when an accident causes George to fall into the dye, he becomes dyed Yellow. Glass known as Whistlepig Wednesday is approaching. On that day, Mr. Glass's whistlepig the locals word for a Groundhog comes up to see her shadow.