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Knowing why you were targeted can also sometimes help you understand how you were breached. Reset Your Passwords Immediately change the password on the affected service, and any others that use the same or similar password. And, really, don't reuse passwords. You should be changing your passwords periodically anyway as a part of routine maintenance. But if you've just been hacked, it's now more urgent.

This is especially true if you reuse passwords, or use schemes that result in similar passwords like Facebook, Linkedin, Google.

After I Do - Ep. 4 - April finds a picture of another woman in Royales' phone.

Sites can set up password requirements — for example a character length or that a password include symbols and numbers — but they cannot force people into not reusing the same or similar passwords. Update and Scan There's a possibility that the attacker got in via your machine. Almost all malware is installed by victims themselves, if unknowingly. And if something nasty is on your computer, you need to get it off before you start a recovery process.

Make sure you are running the most recent version of your operating system. Download a solid anti-virus product and run a scan for malware and viruses that may have been the source of the attack.

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This is the most basic thing you can do, so do it now. And moreover, use a brand-name commercial program that you pay for. And why should you pay for it? Take Back Your Account Most of the major online services have tools in place to help you get your account back after it has been taken over by someone else. Facebook has a novel method that relies on friend verification. Are you using a service not listed here?

Typically you can find your way back in by searching for its name plus "account recovery. Once you have your accounts back, you should immediately make sure there isn't a back door somewhere designed to let an attacker back in. Check your e-mail rules and filters to make sure nothing is getting forwarded to another account without your knowledge. See if the answers to your security questions were changed, or if those questions themselves have changed. Follow the Money If there is an element of commerce involved in the affected account, thoroughly review any activity on that account.

Verify that no new shipping addresses have been set up on your account, no new payment methods have been added, or new accounts linked.

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This is especially true of sites that let you make one-click purchases, or issue payment cards. What criminals will often want to do is hook up a debit card to your account. If they add an address and then request a financial instrument, that is a way for them to monetize. Your Dropbox account may only be a means to get at something stored there.

Your e-mail might only be a path to your online banking. Not only do you need to secure the account you know was hacked, but you need to check all the others it touches as well. Reset your passwords on those services, and treat them as if they have been compromised. For example, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and many others support OAuth, which enables third party apps to use account APIs without having to give them the account login information. Then all you have to do is pack up your bouquet according to its guidelines, drop it off or ship it as soon after the wedding as possible a day or two is best and they'll do the rest.

And if you do plan to save your bouquet, be sure to protect it at the reception. Ask the caterer to store it in the fridge or, at the very least, stick the stems in water. A gown as gorgeous as yours deserves safe-keeping. While it's generally safe to wait as long as six weeks after the ceremony to have your dress preserved, it's best to get it cleaned a few days after the wedding—so if you're leaving for your honeymoon, have your mom or maid of honor bring it in and point out any stains to the cleaner.

Until then, store it in a dark, dry place, rolled or folded in a clean white sheet. You don't have to let those yummy wedding cake memories end with the last bite. Instruct the catering staff to take off the top tier at the end of the night and box it for transport. Wrap the unadorned cake in several layers of plastic wrap not aluminum foil, which may cause freezer burn.

Seal the wrapped cake in an airtight bag, tie a ribbon around the package so you won't mistake it for anything else and place it in your freezer. We're talking everyone from your planner, florist, venue and photographer down to your hairstylist and even the crafty designer who made your ring pillow.

Stop trying to convince yourself that two blenders may actually come in handy—just bite the bullet and return registry items within two months of your wedding.

While stores are likely to be lenient with couples who've registered with them, each store will have a different return policy, so research who will accept what, and for how long. You've likely had the "money talk" long before you said "I do," but now's the time to merge accounts if you choose to. If so, head to the bank to fill out the necessary paperwork and get new debit cards and checks made. Spoiler alert: Combining finances is thought to increase marriage satisfaction. Time to check off a new married box on your tax forms.

Now that you and your spouse are a legal unit, you need to decide whether you're going to file together or continue to file separately joint filing isn't something mandated by law, though it's generally recommended. Do this ASAP! You'll also want to think about changing beneficiaries—most newlyweds switch their spouse to their beneficiary on work and life insurance docs.

In addition, think about whose health insurance plan you'll use by comparing cost and treatment options. If you're the one making the switch, make sure the doctors you like are on the new plan. If your marriage involved a move, it's perfectly fine to send a mass email or an e-card with your new address. Last but definitely not least—start planning something new to look forward to, like a romantic getaway or dinner party.

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Soon, you'll be counting down the days until the next milestone. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, some of which may be sponsored by paying vendors. Trust us, there's still plenty to do once you've said "I do.

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